Continuous Casting
10 ABP Furnace
130K tons capacity
10 production lines
20 years innovation
In 1999 Hengong independently developed the first continuous casting line. Compared with other materials, the continuous casting product has fine mic ro-matrix and high yield witho ut internal defect. Currently, Hengong is the major production base of continuous casting iron in Asia. Advantage against forged steel: 8% less weight, 30% less stock allowance, 45% less labor cost, 70% tooling cost.
    Quality Test
    Metallurgical Microscope
      Spectrum Analyzer
      Universal Tensile Testing Machine
      Used to quickly determine the metal elements such as manganese, magnesium, tin, copper, titanium in the material.
      Used to test tensile strength, yield strength and elongation etc.
      Ideal material for machinery components
      · Superior machinability
      · Less burrs
      · Low tooling cost
      · Excellent pressure resistance
      · Uniform metallographic structure